Devendra Agarwal

CELEBRATING VACATION – “…top notch…they arranged everything…”

We absolutely loved this Travel Company and Greece. Everything they did exceeded our expectations.  We spent 3 days in Athens then 3 days in Santorini and 2 in glorious Crete (Heraklion). I usually arrange much of my own trips using local contact, Google and Friends but since we were going on our Honeymoon and Greece was totally new to us, we decided to check out travel agency. We got feedback from two agencies and both sounded great. However once we spoke to this travel company, we weren’t really interested in talking to anyone else.

They really listened to us and from the beginning suggested a perfect itinerary with the ideal mix of guided and independent travel, all within our budget.  We wanted to see all of the ruins and historical sights, but also meander about and check out the charming towns, shopping and incredible food!  I’m a bit of a picky eater, but had no problems in Greece.  The food was fabulous, the people very friendly, and everyone speaks English as a second language.  Check out this travel company. You won’t be disappointed. Celebrating Vacation was a great way of travelling to your dream destination with all the arrangements done perfectly and customised according to your needs. I think your service was great and did exactly what you told us. I would use Celebrating Vacation again for sure, for more countries and within Country.

Most Enjoyable & Memorable Moments

The best part of tour was our arrangement on first day of our arrival @ Athens. As we entered in our Hotel room we saw all our pictures amazingly arranged on different places of room. Pictures were arranged such as they were describing our story from 1st day of our meet till our marriage. That was really heart touching and amazing feeling. We loved the private or semi-private tours we took because it gave you more flexibility to go at your own pace and ask questions in a smaller group. We had arranged for a private tour at the Acropolis and that was definitely one of our favourites. We did Flee market (Local market) on our own renting a car and those are both very impressive. Be prepared to do lots of walking, but it’s worth it.  Our agency arranged our lodging and the transportation so it was easy.  Another favourite thing we did was searching for Indian restaurant @ Athens due to which we saw most of local places and mingle with local public. Experience was amazing and when we found the Indian restaurant it was like we won the Gold medal @ birth place of Olympics.

Blue Ferry our transportation from Athen to Santorini, it was for the first time we both were doing Sea journey of 10 hrs. The ferry was so hug and had all the facilities you required for the journey. We got the deck seats and we had so much fun with drinks, food, music, pictures and many more excited things. Santorini was beautiful.  We stayed at Kastelli Resort and had a glorious view of the sea and the town from the hillside. They served us local wine in our room and it was wonderful. We walked on streets of Santorini by sea side and we were feeling so relaxed. We tried local cuisine with local beer (Yellow Donkey)  with sea view and nothing was comparable to that romantic evening.

Megajet – The fast ferry for Santorini to Crete (Heraklion). Blue Palace Resort was the most amazing and luxurious hotel we had ever been to. We have our own bungalow with private pool and with sea and hillside view of town. 2 days of Blue Palace was the most relaxing and luxurious days. These were the 2 days of our tour where are with each other only.

For Cleberating Vacation

They keep high standards that do not disappoint. We will only travel with the help of Celebrating vacation and team of Friendly and qualified employees.


Devendra AgarwalGreece

Mr Valmik Dhakane
Kudos to the Celebrating vacations team for the relentless support during the tour. We enjoyed the tour with ease at all the places. I would also like to one incidence where in my wife missed her mobile in the taxi during the return journey to the airport, but the driver whom you guys had allocated to us was so helpful that he came to the boarding gate to return the cell phone. Please convey thanks to the other counterparts who made our journey memorable. We definitely look forward to organising our future tours with your help.

Mr Valmik DhakaneItaly

Mr Krantishaanbagh
Thanks to Celebrating Vacations, my bachelor party is a memorable experience. The 5 star villas were superb.

Mr KrantishaanbaghThailand

Mr. Madhusudhan – Mauritius
It was my honeymoon. The arrangement for the accommodation and sight-seeing were wonderful.
There was 24X7 support from Celebrating vacations team. I did not face a single problem in the arrangements made. I will definitely recommend celebrating vacations to my friends.

Mr. Madhusudhan – Mauritius

Mr. Milind
I could go to Goa with my wife after a long time. It was short break from routine. The entire tour was planned meticulously. Hotels and transfers exceeded my expectations. It was an effortless experience.
After a long time he could go for a short break with his wife. He was on a family tour.

Mr. MilindGoa