Are flights included in my tour price?
Our tour prices do not include airfare. Because many of our tour members prefer to spend some extra time pre or post departure.
What's included in my tour package?
Itinerary, sightseeing, hotel stay, daily breakfast and airport transfers are included in your tour package.
How should my tour payments be made?
Payments should be made in 2 installments either by cheque, credit card or cash.
What are your hotels like?
We provide 3star, 4star, 5 star and business category hotel accommodation.
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What types of rooms are available?
Single rooms, double rooms, twin rooms, triple occupancy rooms, quad rooms and suites are available.
Can I request a non-smoking room?
Yes you can but it depends on the availability of the same.
What travel documents are required?
Passport, visa, flight tickets, hotel bookings, excursion vouchers, travel insurance and medical prescriptions are the required documents.
When/how should I apply for my passport?
This is important. You are required to travel with a valid passport. Your passport expiration date must be at least six months after your planned return date.
Passports for Minors: Kids under 16 must apply in person with at least one parent present and the other parent’s notarized permission.
Will I need a visa?
Most of the countries require visa. Few countries have On Arrival Visa. A small percentage of the countries do not require visa.
Will I need any immunizations?
Immunization would be required if a country requests for it. You should, however, check with your doctor to see if you are up-to-date with regular immunizations such as tetanus, hepatitis, etc.
How will I get local sim card?
We provide a sim card which can be used at International destinations. The best way to get news from home is to bring your smart phone or iPad, kept in “airplane mode.” This way you can check email without being dinged by expensive data charges.
What will the meals be like on my tour?
You’ll be provided with local food. Hotel breakfasts would be provided. Few dinners would be included on your tour will be typical of the region, interesting, and of good quality.
How will I do laundry on my tour?
Your guide will give you tips on when and where you can do laundry. Some hotels offer laundry service, though you will pay more for the convenience.
Will I have to pay duty on purchases made?
Not likely if you are not a big shopper.
Will I need to know the language of the countries I'm visiting?
Knowing a little helps. While it’s not necessary to be fluent, it is nice to master a few basic courtesies such as “Please,” & “Thank you”.
What are cancellation charges for hotels/airlines?
A cancellation charge depends on hotel policies and airline policies. We give complete transparency at the time of booking.
How would my day be scheduled?
Your day would be scheduled with a daily itinerary and a video.
Do you Offer Best Deals?
We have wonderful schemes for Early birds & Honeymooners.
What are the special facilities offered by your company?
Web checkin
Last minute cancellation
Okay to board
SMS alerts
Seat preference
Meal preference
Special assistance; for eg wheelchair
Additional information about the country